Bernd Mayer

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Golden paragraph

Basically, I believe in people and their networks. Whenever it is possible to work together in a trustful and goal-oriented manner across professional and geographical boundaries, success always follows. It applies worldwide: The “chemistry” must be right! If it is not, there will always be conflicts and frictional losses. That’s why my highest principle is an honest and open way of dealing with each other, often spiced with a pinch of humour. I’m for plain language – and I don’t like it when people beat around the bush or play games that are primarily aimed at gaining personal advantages. Although digital skills have become essential for every human being I believe in the analogue world. Especially the topics I have dealt with more or less throughout my entire professional life, e.g. …

• How do people learn?

• What kinds of qualifications do they need in order to find work and make a living from it?

• What is necessary to make teams work together productively?

• What do we learn from failures and how do we deal with them?

All of them have often a very individual and contextual background. People and their individual preferences are rarely black or white, on or off, up or down. Often, we are somewhere in between, sitting on a fence and facing the unexpected. Probably all of us are hybrids – analogue in our emotions, and “being digital” foremost in our professional life. … however: We need “real” social contacts. Apart from the digital world it’s still important that teams meet and really interact.

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English, German

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– Energy


Geographical expertise:

– Asia

– Asian-Pacific

– Balkans

– Middle East North Africa (MENA)