Gvantsa Kikalishvili

Senior Expert in Communication

Erfahrungen & Aktivitäten

Golden paragraph

I believe that everything in life is communication. When you buy coffee, go to work, attend your child’s event in the kindergarten – is a communication. Approximately, you spend 50% of your day communicating with other – colleagues, stakeholders, customers, team members, family. Your life could be completely different if you do not communicate effectively. Connecting authentically with others makes communication interesting and challenging at the same time. I also do believe that effective communication improves our life and how we experience the world. I love communicating with people, this enriches me and gives me new energy. I am not afraid of new people, on the contrary, I enjoy meeting them. That is why both my two professions are related to communication. I have a background in journalism and currently, I am a communications consultant helping organizations/individuals with establishing effective communication strategies. I am skilled in media relations, strategic and corporate communications, internal communications, in organizing various types of events, including conferences, training, implementing, and evaluating communication activities. Additionally, I am an invited lecturer for a course on Business Communications at Business Technology University Tbilisi (BTU). I hold a Master’s degree in Social Studies and Communications from Erasmus Rotterdam University, the Netherlands. Currently, I am based in sunny Tbilisi.

Country of origin/nationality:


Working languages:

Georgian, English, Russian.

TAGS (professional expertise):

– Communication

– Design (Leaflets, brochures, logos, etc.)

– Media related topics

– Photos / Videos

Geographical expertise:

– EU


– Others